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1980voguish is an Italian menswear brand born in 2011. 1980voguish creates an evergreen style perfect for men who want to look smart but feel comfortable and modern for every occasion. The brand is inspired both by British culture and by the street scene of the 80’s. It is a casual brand with a sporty touch. Currently selling in Italy, Japan and the USA.

The 1980voguish collection is dedicated to urban culture and to the world of sports. Garments of quality cotton and innovative fabrics made via new technologies. The collection is forward selling 6 months ahead, but the company is ready to accept orders for a medium-quick delivery of 3 months ahead.


“Our mission is to create clothing made of style and fantasy; pieces that can be considered evergreen and that can add to the simplicity of pure line. The collection is a melting pot of golden eras. ” Director, 1980voguish

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale
Jackets: 46 - 68€
Sweatshirts: 23 - 25€
Short sleeve and Polo shirts: €28 - €37
15% agent
Collection Size
23 - 35
Competitive to
All casual and sportswear brands
Sits next to
All casual and sportswear brands
Country of Origin