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Scandinavian Sensibility – Why Do We Love It So Much?

Scandinavian Sensibility – Why Do We Love It So Much?

18 June 2019
Author: Jasmine Waters

This year sees the arrival of a new brand on the UK high street, as Danish company Samsøe & Samsøe launches its first brick-and-mortar store in London’s Carnaby Street in late 2019. This turns national attention back to Scandinavian fashion - a simple style that has taken the retail market by storm. But why is it so successful, and why are so many consumers loyal to these looks? 

What is Scandinavian fashion?

There is no question that both UK and global consumers are seeing a rise of “Scandi fashion” influence in all areas of the industry, from premium brands such as Acne, to high street friendly companies like H&M. This surge in attention could large be cantered around the Scandinavian principle of “hygge”, the concept of living a simplistic and cosy life. Such brands are constantly looking to re-invent this meaning through clean lines and shapes at competitive prices, filling the gap for consumers looking for chic, sophisticated alternatives. This goes hand-in-hand with the rise of sustainable fashion, with many Scandinavian brands often pioneering this field. Speaking to the South China Morning Post, COS founders Karin Gustafsson and Martin Andersson cite the brand’s extreme surge of success in the last few years on both their garments re-inventing takes on modern classics, as well as their consumer base now more focused on designs with a longer lifespan. 

Why is it so successful?

There is a lot of truth in the modern day consumer now wanting an ‘easier life’ (by the hygge definition) in any way they can, and there is no doubt that now will extend to their wardrobes. More often than not, the least amount of money a customer can spend the better, perhaps lending their purchasing decision more towards these classic ‘staple’ items, or ones that will in turn be investable pieces. With certain trends coming and going, developing a broader Scandi outlook has made an ideology that seems like it will last, producing senses of investment and practicality. This partnered with the on-going rise in sustainable living seems to indicate that this simplistic, chic style is staying put.


Photo credit: Satila

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Scandinavian Sensibility – Why Do We Love It So Much?