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The history of Henry Arroway is based on the tradition, evolution and work well-done of three generations.

1970  Enrique Arroyabe opens his first fashion business in Bilbao, Basque Country. Region strongly influenced by arts, fashion and gastronomy, and which has been the birthplace of great myths such as Balenciaga.

Enrique Arroyabe: Born in Bilbao, shows great interest in fashion since his adolescence. After having worked as a promoter of other textile businesses; his intuition, creativity and courage lead him t­o take the great step toward the creation of his own brand.

1974  After a period as a pants and skirts designer, and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and business vision, he decides to start a new adventure as coats designer. It was a collection characterized by the elegance of the area, timeless lines and very careful details.

1980  Covered by wide experience in the sector and backed by the know-how that characterized his designs, several companies decide to entrust Enrique Arroyabe the production of their garments. Thus, a new line of business, based on the production of brands to third parties, emerges.

1985  After the success and consolidation of the brand, the "Club de la Moda" was created, which would facilitate the commercialization of the brand under the signature of Enrique Arroyabe in new markets such as the United States.

1995  The steps given by Enrique Arroyabe are followed by his sons, who, driven by the tradition inherited by their father, his restlessness, adventurous character and international focus, decide that the company must take a new strategic turn changing its name to Henry Arroway. Thus, Henry Arroway begins a new era characterized by the union of present and past. The new team, formed by three generations, combines history, tradition, know-how, quality, innovation and new patterns.

2000  It is from this year, when the founder's sons take charge of the business and begin to lead the main changes that the company will experience these years.

2015  Henry Arroway is awarded with the "Dedal de Oro" for its innovation and its passionate career dedicated to fashion. This award is an acknowledgment of excellence in the fashion sector.

2017  Following the strategic lines marked long-term, Henry Arroway aims to consolidate its national presence and expand its sales network worldwide. These objectives are accompanied by a demanding process of restyling, moving towards a simpler universe, with personality, in which all processes are fundamental to create identity. We redefined our lines, achieving a more compact, strong and firmer image. All of these without losing our essence and traditions, which have supported us all these years.


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