The Anton Dell Fashion Gift & Home Consultancy

How we help Fashion Brands

We can connect you with Fashion Agents, Distributors or Showrooms in all the major trading countries in the world. After 16 years of research, we now have a network of more than 40,000 Agents, Distributors and Showrooms who want to receive news from us about brands looking for partners. We work with highly skilled affiliates internationally to ensure that our ever growing network connects you with the leading Agents, Distributors and Showrooms in the world.

First in the world!

We are proud to have developed a world first! and the only network that enables us to introduce your brand to the majority of Agents, Distributors and Showrooms worldwide in all areas of fashion from Urban Street wear to Semi couture; from shoes to bags; from jewellery to sportswear and leisurewear including Women’s, Men’s and Children’s collections. 

What we do for you

Step 1


We profile your brand by asking you to answer our questions...


...we ask you to send us selected high quality photography, videos, PR material and any other relevant information that would enable us to best introduce your brand to potential partners.


We can also help you to choose the most suitable countries for your brand.

Step 2


Once we have your profile, we start to search proactively.


We create a high quality email campaign focused on your brand...


and communicate it to Agents, Distributors and Showrooms who specialise in your Fashion segment

Step 3


We create you a unique web page on our website...


and promote your brand on our social media platforms.


We know many Agents and Distributors personally and we do speak to them if we have a collection that fits with other brands their represent.

Step 4


Interested agents contact us and send us agency profiles that include all the things you need to know about them – contact details; other collections they sell; how they work etc.

Step 5


Once we are sure the applicants are the right Agents or Distributors for your brand, we introduce them to you. Importantly, you do not get a list of agents from us that we think are suitable, but agents who understand your brand and have expressed a genuine interest in your collection.


We send you regular updates on the search results. We regularly update the information and images of your collection to make sure we keep the offer fresh. We work together with you to get the best chance of success in connecting you with the right partner(s).


With many years of experience coupled with a well informed team, we are able to identify the most suitable partner(s) for your product. We are always happy to give you advice and guide you through the process of appointing the right partners internationally.

Our guarantee

If the agent you appoint with our help is not successful in the first year, we will look for a replacement with NO further costs.

Our success

We cannot guarantee to find you an agent/rep or distributor. However, we find agents for the majority of brands that choose to work with us. We are the only professional company in the world that offers this service for Fashion companies worldwide.

Find out how many agents we are connected with in the country of your interest

A professional approach

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy is a professional company operating worldwide. Every search we undertake is given our full attention. Over the last 16 years, we have developed a system of ensuring that companies looking for partners get their brands introduced to the majority of Agents or Distributors in any one country. 

We provide regular updates to all our clients and send professional introductions to potential partners. We believe in working together and collaborating with brands as well as agents in order to maximise the levels of success.